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Children´s choir, Železný Brod, Czech Republik

Leader: Josef Hlubuček

The children´s choir řETÍZEK is a representational choir, consisting of 40 kids and teenagers from the age of 9 to 18 years. Since its foundation in 1976 by its spriritus rector, the conductor and teacher Josef Hlubucek, it is an integral part of the music school in Zelezny Brod. řetízek is therefor often accompanied by various orchestral assemblies, recruited from current pupils and alumni of this vigorous institution, as well as Dagmar Vajdíková, Miloslava Vacíková and Vojtěch Wachtl (Organ & Piano).

The repertoire of řetízek is exceptionally versatile, ranging from gregorian chorals and mideaval music to modern compositions by Jiří Laburda, Petr Eben and Antonín Tučapsk, which indeed have a special place in both this choirs and its listeners hearts. But also other popular music, Gospel & Spiritual and the czech-moravian folk songs are successfully interpreted by řetízek – in the Czech republic and abroad.

řetízek takes the audiance by the quality and colorful sound of its voices, which easily adapt to various styles of music: from small chamber music arrangements to the most intense and powerful concerts and masses. This is witnessed for by the numerous invitations to participate in sacral and cultural events, but also dozens of concerts are organized by řetízek itself, every year. Among their thrilled audience are, most remarkably, also the youngest listeners. The greatest success of this exceptional choir was the award of a gold medal for their interpretation of sacral music at the international contest „Iuventus mundi cantat“ in Olomouc, 1998. This was followed by two successful CD productions: řetízek: Kyrie, eleison of the year 2000, and two years later the CD české Vánoce s řetízkem (Czech Christmas with řetízek). A great honour for řetízek was the invitation to participate in the conduction of a mass in the Cathedral of the Holy Vítus, Václav and Vojtěch by the Arch Bishop of Prague. Here, and also many times more, the „Misa Clara“, which was a work for řetízek by Jiří Laburda, was performed. Abroad, řetízek alreday toured countries like Germany, Slovakia, Italy Spain, Croatia and Poland and made many friends.

Under the encouraged leadership of its founder and conductor Josef Hlubucek, even more can be expected... Partner in the media is already for several years Radio Proglas of the Czech Broadcasting Corpration. But řetízek is also on the TV: an Advent Concert with one of their performances has been broadcasted by the TV station čT, last year.

Technical equipment:
- portable stage elements
- digital organ Ahlborn, digital piano Technics,
- amplification for orchestra (2 x 300 W)
- stage lighting (on stands, 2 x 1 kW)
- costumes (church, summer, winter – siehe Photos)
- amplification for choir (with mixer Yamaha 2 x 500 W), microphones AKG C1000